Environment Management (ISO 14001)

General presentation of ISO 14001 requirements


The trainings are dedicated to the personnel involved in the implementation of the environment management standards (representatives of the environment management, environment authorities’ representatives, people involved in dump goods sector etc.); the training targets to provide general information requiring general terms used, according with ISO 14001 standard.

Short description:

  • Structure of the terms, definitions and basic principles;
  • Methods for applying the requirements of the standard in the organization.

Training internal auditors for the environment management system


Training internal auditors for environmental management systems. The course is based on the requirements of the standard, taking into account at the same time the provisions of the ISO 19011 audit guide.

Short description:

  • Introduction to environmental management
  • ISO 14001 requirements from the auditor’s perspective
  • Audit procedure for environmental management systems (audit preparation, on-site audit, audit report, audit communication techniques, case studies)

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