INAQ Consulting consultancy programs are designed to meet the requirements and goals specific to each client, whether we are dealing with the implementation of a distinctive management system, with the integration of several such systems or with the maintenance / improvement of systems that have already been implemented. This virtually means that INAQ Consulting works together with its clients, helps them acquire both the conformity with the requirements of applicable standards and an efficient business management and always takes account of controlling the costs involved.


Our consultancy services cover various areas, such as:

1. Quality management – ISO 9001;

2. Environment management – ISO 14001;

3. Occupational health and safety management – OHSAS 18001;

4. Food safety management – HACCP / ISO 22000 / IFS Food;


5. Management of household and personal care products safety – IFS HPC;;

6. Implementation of the standard for auditing logistical services in relation to product quality and safety – IFS Logistics;

7. Mmplementation of the standard for auditing Trading Agencies', Importers’, and Brokers’, services compliance in relation to product quality and safety – IFS Broker;

8. Good manufacturing practices for cosmetics – ISO 22716;

9. Quality management for medical devices – ISO 13485;

10. Chain of custody management – FSC CoC.

These are only a few of the most important areas, covered by our services. For additional details, regarding these areas, as well as other management systems and standards, please contact us.

The typical stages of implementing a management system are the following:

1. Initial assessment audit 
  • Devising a diagnostic audit of the current management system in order to ascertain the initial degree of conformity with the requirements of applicable standards;
  • Analyzing the results of the diagnostic audit and elaborating the program for implementing the management system. 
2. Consultancy for designing the system
  • Consultancy for identifying and documenting the processes of the organization;
  • Consultancy for identifying the activities, products and services of the organization, listing them and linking them to the list of processes that has been previously identified;
  • Consultancy for identifying the legal requirements applicable to the organization;
  • Consultancy for establishing the policy in the field of quality / product safety / environment / work safety and health / information security;
  • Consultancy for establishing the objectives and goals regarding the management system;
  • Consultancy for establishing the indicators for monitoring the accomplishment of the objectives;
  • Consultancy for establishing the main critical points (HACCP, FSSC 22000, IFS etc.);
  • Consultancy for identifying and evaluating the environmental issues (ISO 14001);
  • Consultancy for developing the system procedures;
  • Consultancy for developing the operational procedures, work instructions, job descriptions and the necessary forms for keeping the records of the management system;
  • Consultancy for developing the management system manual.
3. School audit
  • Preparing and performing an audit of the designed management system, which is carried out by INAQ Consulting auditors and possibly by internal auditors of the organization who have graduated the training course;
  • This audit results in identifying the implementation degree of the management system and its documentation, verifying the recordings that substantiate this stage of implementation, determining the causes that generated nonconformities and identifying the possibilities for improving the system.
4. Determination and monitoring of corrective, preventive actions 

Evaluating the nonconformities observed by INAQ Consulting auditors and internal auditors during the previous stage (teaching audit), implementing programs of corrective actions aiming to prevent the nonconformities from re-occurring, as well as possible preventive actions and establishing guidelines for improving and optimizing the efficiency of the newly formed management system.

5. Pre-certification audit

This stage consists in an audit with INAQ Consulting auditors, who are independent of the development of the entire consultancy project, for the final evaluation of the current management system before the audit performed by the certification authority. This implies preparing and conducting the audit, developing the auditing report and pointing out the possible corrective actions.

6. Improvement actions

Implementing the improvement possibilities, as well as solving the possible nonconformities left in the system, which are identified during the pre-certification audit.

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