Our customers

INAQ Consulting is a firm that was set up in the year 2000 and has become one of the most important players on the market of management consulting services.


Big retail chains

Food industry

Hotel services, restaurants and fast food

Distribution of oil products

Plumbing and Constructions

Production and distribution of construction materials

Production of systems and equipments for transport industry

Auto dealers and service

Logistic services (transport and warehosing)

Pharmateutical production

Pharmateutical distribution & Medical technology

Medical services

social Services

Chemical industry

Textile industry

Wood procesing industry

Production of measuring equipments

Productin and sales of optical lenses

Manufacturing of household and personal care products

Banking and other financial services

Consutancy services

Sales of IT equipment and service

Production of advertsiting materials

Advertising services

Legal services

Communication services

Tourism services

Salubrity services


Artistic management

Home elecronics service

Security services

Garden designing services, garden decorating and plants selling

Our services


INAQ Consulting provides integrated services for developing and increasing performance and competitiveness on an individual and organizational level by means of “in house” training programs, which are organized and customized according to the specific needs of our clients.


INAQ Consulting consultancy programs are designed to meet the requirements and goals specific to each client, whether we are dealing with the implementation of a distinctive management system, with the integration of several such systems or with the maintenance / improvement of systems that have already been implemented.


Audit is a modern and powerful tool for organization’s management, necessary for them to make effective decisions, both regarding the internal processes, as well as in relation with the suppliers and other partners.


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