About us

INAQ Consulting is a firm that was set up in the year 2000 and has become one of the most important players on the market of management consulting services. INAQ Consulting has built up and strengthened its position on the market by providing a wide range of services to its clients. Its main business fields comprise training, consulting and auditing services for the implementation of management systems. At the same time, we provide second party audit services (supplier audits) for the big retail chains. Capital matters for INAQ Consulting include the success of its clients and the added value supplied to them. Our consultants and auditors possess the expertise required for providing the clients with excellent solutions and for developing a professional relation built upon mutual confidence. This confidence shapes up thanks to the competence of our consultants and auditors and also because we stay close to our clients and have the ability to identify their needs in time. INAQ Consulting is always ready to meet the clients’ requirements and our own employees, backed up by our network of collaborators have developed a strong geographical presence, which serves as a foundation for future successful partnerships with our clients.


“Through 15 years of collaboration, INAQ has been for CARREFOUR an active partner in the implementation in our stores of the food safety system based on HACCP rules, in the selection of own brand producers and in training teams in knowing and applying food quality and safety standards. I appreciate the constant effort that Ionut Nache and his team from INAQ are making in Romania to engage food operators (producers, logistics operators and traders) in adopting and implementing IFS standards in their activity, thus contributing to the creation of a business ecosystem in this field based on trust and collaboration, focusing on the safety and health of the final consumer.”

Gabriela Rădulescu
Quality Manager
Carrefour România


“Having the first experience as a student of INAQ Consulting, I can only admire the professionalism and the involvement they have shown throughout the course. Their knowledge and experience in the field of food safety and the excellence of their services make them one of the best in the industry. I wish them success in everything they set out to do for the future!”

David Sorin Minea
Sales Manager Angst RO
President and Administrator Salsi Sinaia



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