GLOBALG.A.P. Conference, Romania, 

3rd Edition

World Trade Center, New York Hall

Bucharest, Romania

16 February 2023

Conferința GLOBALG.A.P. România,

Ediția a 3-a

World Trade Center, sala New York

București, România

16 Februarie 2023

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What is GLOBALG.A.P.?

GLOBALG.A.P. is an internationally recognized standard for agricultural production, being the result of several years of intensive research and collaboration with industry experts, producers and traders from around the world.

The goal is that safe and sustainable agricultural production is to the advantage of farmers, traders and consumers everywhere.

GLOBALG.A.P. it is more than a certificate. It is a vision of global agricultural production achieved safely and sustainably through chosen tools, programs and partners.

Improving safety and sustainability means greater access to markets for producers, safer products for traders and consumers, more sustainable production systems for governments and greater business opportunities for service providers.

The GLOBALG.A.P. standard demands, among other things, greater efficiency in production. This improves business performance and reduces wastage of vital resources.

GLOBALG.A.P. Certification

GLOBALG.A.P. certification cover up:

  • Food safety and traceability
  • Environment (including biodiversity)
  • Health, safety and welfare of workers
  • Animal welfare
  • It includes Integrated Crop Management (ICM), Integrated Pest Control (IPC), Quality Management System (QMS) and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

The GLOBALG.A.P. standard requires a general approach in agricultural production, which leads to the development of the best practices for future generations.

Why should you have participated in this event?

GLOBALG.A.P standards have been presented and its new products and certification systems with the aim of increasing the transparency and involvement of stakeholders, farmers and retailers, for obtaining and marketing safe products for consumption in agriculture. GLOBALG.A.P. represents a correspondent of HACCP in the food industry.

If you are a farmer you could find out how to be part of the “short food chain”:

The products from your farm could be listed by large chain retailers, exporters or distribution networks, meeting a set of mandatory conditions;

Found out what the traders’ requirements are for local producers, what the retail requirements are and about the food safety elements;

You could find out more about these certifications, costs, methods of implementation;

The disadvantages and risks that producers who do not have GLOBALG.A.P. certification will assume have been discussed;

You have learned success stories about how GLOBALG.A.P certification helped that Polish farmers become some of the biggest exporters of fruits and vegetables in Europe;

Bucharest GLOBALG.A.P. Conference, 3rd Edition

08.30 Welcome coffee – Registration of participants
09.00 Official opening of the 3rd edition of GLOBALG.A.P. Conference in Romania
– Ionuț Nache, General Manager INAQ Consulting, GLOBALG.A.P. Partner in Romania


09.10 The Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) Version 6 – news and updates
– Dr. Kliment Petrov, Integrity Assessments & Training GLOBALG.A.P.

09.30 European policies in the agricultural field (online Bruxelles)
– Marius Micu, Vice-president COPA-COGECA

09.45 The European approach to quality schemes (online Bruxelles)
– Ștefan Padure, President APAR, Representative of Romania in the EESC

10.00 Mountain area investment programs
– Veronica Țaran-Baciu-Georgescu, General Manager ANZM, MADR

10.15 The Kingdom of the Netherlands – Romania collaboration in the field of agriculture and the food industry
– Arie Veldhuizen, Agricultural Counsellor Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova – Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

10.30 The importance of partnerships between farmers and retailers
– George Bădescu, Executive Director AMRCR

10.45 Presentation of Control Union România services
– Oana Cornea, General Manager Control Union România

11.00 Coffee break


11.15 GLOBALG.A.P. Risk Assessment on Social Practice (GRASP) – news and updates
– Dr. Kliment Petrov, Integrity Assessments & Training GLOBALG.A.P.

11.30 The benefits of Daymsa biostimulators for sustainable and profitable agriculture
– Joaquin Gonzalez, Daymsa Representative in Romania and the Republic of Moldova

11.45 FUCHS – Your Lubricant Expert
– Victor Bogdan, Sales & Technical Director Fuchs Lubricants Romania

12.00 The relationship between EWABIS and farmers in Poland, GLOBALG.A.P. certifications – the engine of fruit and vegetable exports (online Warsaw)
– Marek Marzec, CEO EWA-BIS (Poland)

12.15 Sustainable agriculture system in vegetable farms
– Liliana Piron, Executive Manager LAPAR

12.30 Presentation of Asociation of Farmers from Romania
– Alexandru Tachianu, Vice-president AFR

12.45 Savings of electricity and profit through the correct design and maintenance of refrigeration installations
– Adrian Bălăoi, CEO AB Tehnic Frigo Consult

13.00 Chain of Custody and GGN Label
– Felix von Eynern, GGN Label KAM Agriculture

13.15 GLOBALG.A.P training program in Romania through INAQ Consulting – Training Center
– Ionuț Nache, General Manager INAQ Consulting

13.30 Lunch break

SESSION III – Round Table (discussions, Q&A)

14.30 The short supply chain in agriculture and the food industry in Romania

  • Veronica Țaran-Baciu-Georgescu, General Manager ANZM, MADR
  • George Bădescu, Executive Director AMRCR
  • Ionuț Lupu, Executive Director Holstein RO
  • Marius Dineș, Agro Field Coordinator PepsiCo
  • Gabriel Borozan, Fruits and Vegetables Aquisitions Coordinator Auchan
  • Lucian Secară, Operations Manager Grup Șerban Holding
  • Ionuț Nache, General Manager INAQ Consulting


16.00 Networking


Felix von Eynern

GGN Label KAM Agriculture 


Dr. Kliment Petrov

Integrity Assessments & Training


Marius Micu

Vice-president of COPA COGECA

George Bădescu

Executive Director 


Ionuț Nache

Managing Director INAQ Consulting

Adrian Bălăoi

CEO AB Frigo Consult Tehnic

 Laurențiu Asimionesei

Founder of Stratesys Vectors

Oana Cornea

Managing Director Control Union Romania

Marek Marzec

CEO EWA BIS – Polonia

Liliana Piron

Executive Director LAPAR

Ștefan Padure

President of APAR

Ionuț Lupu

Executive Director HOLSTEIN RO

Joaquin Gonzalez

Daymsa Representative in Romania and the Republic of Moldova

Victor Bogdan

Sales & Technical Director at Fuchs Lubricants Romania

Alexandru Tachianu

Vice-president of AFR

Veronica Țaran Baciu Georgescu

General director MADR

Arie Veldhuizen

Agricultural Counsellor Romania | Bulgaria | Moldova

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


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Stephan Tromp, Director general al IFS, adaugă: „Colaborarea este esențială pentru lanțurile de aprovizionare transparente. Este esențială în satisfacerea cerințelor tot mai mari ale consumatorilor și ale politicilor din domeniul ESG. Împreună cu FTrace, GLOBALG.AP și GS1 Germania, dorim să oferim soluții unice viabile pentru gestionarea optimă a lanțului de aprovizionare.

Cooperarea permite ca datele de transparență să fie utilizate aproape în timp real, ca parte a unei abordări standardizate și descentralizate. În acest fel, F-Trace, GLOBALG.A.P., GS1 Germany și IFS îndeplinesc cerințele tuturor participanților lanțului de aprovizionare și ale pieței – indiferent de industrie, dimensiunea companiei și maturitatea IT.”

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