IFS Broker version 3 standard recognized acording to requirements of comparative assessment of GFSI

As already well-known, in June, this year, IFS issued a new version of IFS Broker Standard, announcing immediately the intention to maintain GFSI recognition. GFSI always appreciates the intentions to maintain the recognition of their certification programs in the case of their updating. This fact is considered a part of the continuous effort of GFSI to collaborate for increasing and harmonizing of food safety standards globally.

”IFS appreciates the comparative assessment of GFSI and the recognition of IFS Broker Standard. GFSI recognition is some kind of reconfirmation that our working groups are on the good way. It as also an excellent opportunity to extend the network and to gather ideas from other regions of the world” stated Stephan Tromp, IFS Managing Director. ”In the end, the GFSI comparative assessment requirements reflects the experts ideas in food safety matters globally. This is, for IFS, o huge contribution for its own standards.”GFSI congratulates IFS team for this recognition and for the fact that they fulfilled their role in driving the best management practices of food safety on the whole global supply chain.

Official GFSI communicate could be accessed here!



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