IFS Conference 2019, Bucharest

We’re pleased to invite you join us as a Partner to the sixth edition of IFS Conference Bucharest
organized by IFS Management GmbH and INAQ Consulting on 28th May 2019.

The conference aims to provide participants the newest information on IFS standards, the scope, utility and potential benefits of applying them. A subsidiary objective is to facilitate the interaction and connection of the different categories of specialists involved throughout the food chain in the evaluation and implementation of the requirements together with the final beneficiaries.

We strive to increase the quality and diversity of themes from an year to another so that we can welcome you with a rich, substantial, novelty, innovation that will be presented throughout the day of the event. 

We remember you that 2018 edition registered more than 250 attendees – specialists in food safety, quality management, managers and technical staff within players acting in food industry, cosmetics and home care products, packing companies, logistics (storage and distribution), retailers, consultants, laboratories and certification bodies.

We invite the interested ones to join us as event PARTNER to write us at: ionut.nache@inaq.ro
___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ATENDEES registration already started and is done according on individual tariffs within bellow calendar:
–        till 15 March                                      50 Eur + TVA
–        18 March – 26 April                          75 Eur + TVA
–        29 April – 22 May                            100 Eur + TVA
We suggest you to beneffit of “early booking” tariffs and sending your request right now by mail at: office@inaq.ro



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