Training regarding the IFS Standards (International Featured Standards) – IFS Food, IFS HPC, IFS Logistics, IFS Broker, IFS PACsecure, IFS Food Store

General presentation of the standards


The trainings are dedicated to the personnel involved in the implementation of IFS standards (interested companies from various industries, consultants, trainee auditors, etc.); the main target is to provide general information regarding the requirements of the standards.

Short description:

  • General presentation of the standards, both from the necessary documentation point of view, as well as regarding the infrastructure, equipment and other necessary facilities.

Training IFS internal auditors


Training internal auditors for the IFS standards, also taking into consideration the requirements of the audit guide ISO 19011.

Short description:

  • Information on the course, acknowledging the families of standards used in audit and presenting the auditing mechanisms and structures on national and international levels;
  • Explaining the requirements of IFS standards;
  • Presenting the rules and methods of performing an audit and acknowledging interview and audit results substantiation;
  • Performing an auditing exercise, when participants can put into practice the notions acquired during the course;
  • Continuous evaluation tests and final testing, whose passing leads to the granting of the internal auditor certificate;

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